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Latest Announcement

Monday 8th April - Easter Assembly (a letter will be sent out in due course)

Meet Our Team

Senior Leadership Team

Sara Harding



Mike Eglesfield

Deputy Headteacher


Kate Jasper

Assistant Headteacher 

(Maternity Leave)

Kathryn Molyneux

Acting Assistant Headteacher





Louise Palser

Assistant Headteacher

Merie Eglesfield-Hope

Assistant Headteacher


Sarah-Jane Hughes

School Business Manager

Kevin Beck

Site Manager





Tom Barron

Beccy Beatty

Lynne Browne

Art Leader

Sara Corfield









Julien Cantin

Modern Foreign Languages Coordinator

Richard Compton

Performing Arts Leader

Hannah Corteen

Music Coordinator

Eleanor Cosh

PE Leader






Amanda Evans

Katie Fesel

Lisa Froggatt

Food Technology Leader

Annmarie Gilchrist

Food Technology Teacher





Tracy Hodgkins

Humanities Leader

Kirsty Jones

Sally Johnson

Alison Marshall





Alice Maynard 

Beth Mikata

English & Literacy Leader

Selby Nind

Bridget O'Kane





Elisa Liu

ICT Leader

Suzy Rees-Smith

PSHE, Citizenship & British Values Leader

Dawn Taylor

Karina Tomkins





Richard Tregear

Maths Leader


Liam Wallace

Gemma Willetts 






Office Team

Charlotte Haynes

General Manager & Exams Officer

Jo Jasper

Finance Manager

Lisa Smith

Staffing Manager

Anisha Zaman

Students & Families Manager





Ash Hall

Network Manager





Jane Ford

Front of House Receptionist




Wellbeing Team

Kelly Gardner  

Wellbeing Team Leader

Elen Cousins

Second in Wellbeing

Jane Bethell

Teaching Assistant

Luke Sanders

Teaching Assistant





NHS Staff  

Kate Randle

NHS Nurse Team Leader

Alyson Noake

NHS Special School Nurse

Nicky Gilbert

NHS Speech & Language Therapist

Nia Luke

NHS Speech & Language Therapist




Laura Inman

NHS Physiotherapist

Nicky Tracey

NHS Physiotherapy Technician








Other Professionals 

Tom George

Transitions & Careers Advisor

Jo Perry

Social Worker

Holly Jenkins

Music Therapist



Teaching Assistants


Maria Ajaib

Saima Ali

Nichola Allen

Simon Beck


Staci Bick

Cheryl Cannock

Mark Conway

Sue Dinsley



Stephanie Fisher







Liz Godfrey

Rachel Greenhalgh

Becky Hill

Alice Hilton






Rosanne Hogan

Caroline Holloway

Wendy Holloway

Mel Hope

Autism & Structured Teaching Support





Tara Hughes

Amy Hughes

Mandy Johnson








Clare Lampitt

Robyn Lloyd

Martha Mackinnon

Jude McClean





Emily McIver

Laura Minett

Alison Morgan

Danielle Morgan

Reading Recovery





Laura Morris

Claire Moseley

Rachael North

Suzanne Nottingham

Physical Literacy Coordinator







Kirstie Owen

Nicky Owen

Karen Officer 

Stacey Pereira





Rachel Priest

Alison Pike

Julie Ranford

Edwin Rodriguez Ovalle





Sarah Rudge

Cover Supervisor

Wendy Sandbrook

Sam Sheen

Off-site Co-ordinator

Angela Sidaway





Lizzie Smith

Christie Spencer

Louise Stirling-Hart








Sarah ThomasMichelle Thornelow

Hannah Walters

Heather Walker

School Dog Handler





Kerry Watson

Debbie Wilson

Teresa Wilson

Jane Yelland





Bathrooming Assistants and Poolside Rescue

Sacha Russell

Bathrooming Assistant

Laura Russell

Bathrooming Assistant

Laura Hughes

Poolside Rescue



Lunchtime Supervisors

Pat Francis

Karen Hinks

Becky Scott

Lucy Russell

Rachel Smythe

Lorraine Spencer




Catering Team 


Chef in Charge

Jennie Austen

Kitchen Assistant

Sharon Trimble

Kitchen Assistant

Karen Dixon

Kitchen Assistant



Site Management Team

Kevin Beck

Site Manager

Ken Baulch

Assistant Caretaker

Kristie Cowling

Cleaning Supervisor


Pat Francis

Lucy Russell

Wendy Sandbrook

Rachel Smythe


Sharon Trimble

Wendy Hill

Amber Woodward

Kim Woodward






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01905 454 828

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