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We will be sharing this across school next week. The data will be used as a baseline in the rapidly changing environment of the Indian Ocean, where climate change, overfishing and plastic pollution are major threats to coral and the life it supports.


The Amber Trust

The Amber Trust offers a free music scheme for families of children with a visual impairment and PMLD


Young Voices

“For the past 20 years, Young Voices has staged the largest children’s choir concerts in the world. Over 2 million children have taken part in a Young Voices concert and we believe passionately in inspiring the next generation to find their love for music. Each night, between 5,000-8,000 children perform as a single choir to a sold-out audience of family and friends… Our aim is to inspire a love of music and create memories for the children that will last a lifetime”. Young Voices

Each child at Regency High School involved with Young Voices will receive a letter containing a code that can be used to log on to Young Voices Childrens Music Room so songs can be rehearsed at home.

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Using apps to support speech, language and communication

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