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Our students created 100 Poppy Wreaths for Remembrance

COVID-19 Info

Documents Added 12th November 2021

updated RHS Outbreak Management Plan

RHS Outbreak Management Plan

Multiple Cases

Info Added October 2021

Guidance for Schools – COVID-19

Guidance for Full Opening, Special Schools and Other Specialist Settings

Documents Added 31st Match 2021

RHS re-opening road map

Documents Added 5th March 2021

COVID-19 Return to School Guidance 5

RHS Re-Opening Road Map

Whole School Risk Assessment

Return to School 8th March

Documents Added 13th January 2021

Lockdown Measures

RHS RA checklist tool Jan 2021

Documents Added 7th January 2021

Letter to parents RE remote learning Jan 2021

Remote learning expectations for staff

Documents Added 4th January 2021

COVID-19 Return to School Guidance January 2021

Whole school RA January 2021

Documents Added 11th November 2020

COVID 19 School Guidance November 2020

Documents Added 2nd November 2020

Update Following The Prime Minister’s announcement October 31st

Half Term update

Documents Added 9th October 2020

Academies RA checklist

Closure plan

Documents Added 16th September 2020

Covid-19 Return To School Guidance 16.9.20

Risk Assessment for Schools Addendum Final Accessible

Whole school Risk Assessment


covid 19 return to school guidance 1


RHS Action Plan for Curriculum

RHS action plan organic growth JUNE 2020

RHS COVID_19_PH_Guidance_for_Special_Schools_checklist

RHS Home School Agreement COVID 19 Supplement

RHS Implementation_of_Phased_School_Return_in_Covid19_conditions

RHS Reopening_Council_Buildings_Checklist