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Dog Blog: Rosie of Regency

Miss Rosie of Regency is the school dog who comes into school every day to work with different groups of pupils across each term. When Rosie has completed her initial training she will be registered as a PAT (Pets as Therapy) dog. Rosie is looked after by Heather, one of our teaching assistants.

Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 15th April 2017
Likes: Going on long walks, running around, playing with toys
Training: Puppy Lessons, Good Citizen Dog Scheme, Tricks, Obedience, Agility

Dog Blog


2018 – 2019

April 2019

I have been a very busy dog this half term.

I have been out and about with a group of students who are learning about the local environment.

We have been for a lovely long walk at Worcester woods.

We went to the library and found lots of different books to read, I especially like the books about animals.

We went to a local garden centre and had a look at all the spring flowers that are starting to grow.

I have been busy in school too. I have been working with lots of students across the whole school. These are just some of the activities I have been involved in…

  • Sensory story time
  • Humanities studies
  • Science lessons
  • Help with their animal studies
  • Maths with the 6th form students
  • Easter cards and learning the Easter story
  • World book day I dressed up as a unicorn for the day
  • Red Nose day, I wore my bright coloured jumper and watched the staff get soaked by the students. It was very funny!

What a fun filled half term it has been.

Happy Easter to you all,

From Rosie (school dog)

January 2019

Happy New Year! I had some great news during the Christmas holidays. I have passed my Pets As Therapy assessment and now got my new uniform, ID badge and official uniform to wear. I am very proud of my uniform and think I look quite smart. It’s great to be back at school seeing all my friends. I have been doing some environmental studies looking at habitats. I had a great time searching for insects in the garden areas. I also went for a walk to the local library with some students. They read some stories to me and we sat together in the cosy reading areas.

December 2018

Rosie had a great time at the Christmas Fayre this afternoon. She had a look around all of the stalls, it was lovely to see everyone in their Christmas jumpers. Rosie had a go on the tombolla, adopted a unicorn teddy bear and bought one of the fantastic snowmen that the students had made. She is looking forward to all of the activities that are coming up next week and would like to wish all of her friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

November 2018

I have been finding out about Remembrance Sunday. It is an extra special remembrance day this year as it is 100 years since world war one ended. We made some special poppies to decorate the hall and had a remembrance service assembly. Everyone worked hard to make the assembly special and it was lovely to hear the choir sing, students read poems and to see the important visitors marching with the standard flags. We observed a two minutes silence and I even laid a purple poppy wreath for all the animals that helped during the wars. We celebrated and raised money for Children In Need. Everyone looked great in their fancy dress or brightly coloured clothes. I wore my stripy top. There were lots of delicious cakes on sale; I had an extra doggy treat because cakes aren’t good for me. The pantomime Dick Whittington came to school. Wow! It was fantastic. All of the students had fun watching and joining in with the cheering and booing.

October 2018

I have had lots of outdoor adventures during October. I went to the woods with the OAA group. We learnt how to make a shelter and played some fun games. One of the games was hide and seek, I tried my best to sniff out the person hiding but they were so well camouflaged it was difficult. I have been doing some mini-beast hunting with the Key stage 4 students. We looked under rocks and dug in the soil. We were able to find worms, spiders and snails. I have been enjoying hearing Key stage 3 read stories to me. The students have been working really hard on using different voices to make the characters come to life. I had a great time doing some sensory work about bonfire night. We found out about Guy Fawkes and his friends who tried to blow up the houses of parliament. We made some bight and colourful firework pictures.

September 2018

What a busy start to the new school year. I have met so many new friends both students and staff. I have also been exploring the new classrooms. It is fantastic to see everyone again after the summer holidays and to hear about what everyone has been up to. I have been a very popular puppy out on the playground at break times. I have been getting a lot of attention and have been taken for walks and taught some different tricks. In class I have been trying to get around to seeing everyone and I know a lot of students have been asking when it will be their turn to have Rosie time. I will try my best to get around every class as soon as I can. Great to see so many smiling faces!

2017 – 2018

20th July 2018 – Summer Term and Rosie’s Got Talent

What a busy summer term it has been. I have enjoyed so many activities with the students:

Sports day was a great event and everyone took part in so many different races and games. I enjoyed watching all the students try their very best to beat their individual targets and work well as a team. It was so nice to hear people cheering each other on.

Regency’s Got Talent! Goodness me there is so much talent in our school. There were comedy acts that were very funny, a lovely dance routine, some fantastic singers and so many more amazing performances. I showed a little video of my agility skills that I have been practising. Well done to everyone who took part, the judges who gave brilliant feedback and the audience who joined in clapping and cheering for everyone.

I went along to Croome Court with the students who are leaving this summer. We had a lovely day out in the gardens, playing games and chatting about their plans for the future.

I came along to the end of year celebration and it was so good to hear about the good things that everyone has been doing this year. It was a bit sad to say goodbye to the students who were leaving to go on to new adventures but I know they will all be successful and will let us know how they are getting on. Good bye and good luck to you all!

Have a fantastic summer and I look forward to seeing you again in September and meeting the new students and staff who will be joining Regency.

Having a little sleep in the shade during sports day.


11th May 2018

Rosie has been very busy during the last month. She has been helping lots of students in school with work on feelings and emotions as well as communication. Rosie has helped students to feel valued and important. She has formed some great relationships with students and is able to help when they are feeling worried or upset. Spending time with Rosie is a wonderful way to relax and re focus on the work that has been set by the class teacher. It was Rosie’s first Easter and one group who were learning town skills went for a trip to the local pet shop and bought her a dog Easter egg which was a lovely surprise. Rosie has enjoyed lots of time outside in the sunshine. She helped a group of students with horticulture work. Where they identified and drew pictures of different plants and flowers. They also planted some seeds to grow their own flowers. It was Rosie’s first birthday during the Easter holidays. She had lots of toys wrapped up to open and had a lovely long walk in the park to celebrate. Rosie is doing well with her dog training and has had her Pets as Therapy assessment at the vets. She did really well and was able to do all of the things the vet asked her to do. Hopefully she will be an official Pets as Therapy dog soon.


27th March 2018


The weather has started to get a bit better now so Rosie has been able to spend more time doing outside activities with the students. She had a lovely morning joining in with Forest school on a trip to Croome court. The students found out about the new spring flowers that were growing and did some orientation work. Rosie has also been continuing her training. She has been doing advanced obedience, Agility and Hoopers. Rosie enjoyed watching the dogs at Crufts competing on TV and has been learning new tricks with the students in school. The students have designed their own tricks to teach her, worked out the best way to teach her and any equipment needed. Tried it out and then evaluated it to see if anything needs to be changed. Rosie dressed up as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz for world book day.

25th January 2018

Rosie has been listening to students read. She is very good at listening and the students like to read to Rosie as she is calm and doesn’t tell anyone if they make a little mistake. Rosie also did some physical literacy and personal hygiene work with a group. They all had great fun giving Rosie a bath. The students worked hard, using their hands to massage shampoo and conditioner into Rosie’s fur.

4th January 2018

I have been working hard over the last few weeks in lots of different classes. The students in 3TH gave me a bath and blow dried my hair. They were very good at bathing me and learnt about why it is important for people as well as pets to wash and keep ourselves clean. I have been learning a lot about personal hygiene and how to keep a home clean and tidy with some of the 6th form students. They also like giving me a fuss while they work. I went to the woods with some students who were doing forest school. I really enjoyed running in the woods and watching everyone take part in the forest school. I have been doing well with my training and the students at school are learning how to interact with me to help me remember what I am supposed to do. The students in 3TB learnt how to help me best by staying calm and talking to me one at a time because I get a bit confused when lots of people talk to me all at once. They even taught me a new trick. They all voted and decided to teach me “play dead”. I enjoy learning new things and the students had lots of fun teaching me and working out the best way to train me with this brand new trick.

4th December 2017


Wow! Christmas was fun! I have been very busy during December. I walked with some of the students to the Church service. Everyone who attended and took part did a fantastic job, the performances were excellent and it was good to hear what Christmas means to so many different people. I went to an amazing pantomime at the arena in Birmingham. I was very surprised when we arrived that I was taken up on the stage and interviewed by one of Captain Hooks pirates. Heather was able to explain to everyone in the arena how I help people at school and I showed some of the tricks I have learnt so far. I enjoyed watching the pantomime. I sat with the students from school and they gave me lots of fuss while we watched Peter Pan fly around the room. I was a bit unsure when the huge pirate ship set sail near me but my friends kept me safe and reassured me that I wouldn’t need to climb aboard. During the last few weeks I also experienced my first snow. I like snow and ran around the park and tried to catch snow balls.  I needed to remember to be careful not to pull on the lead when walking as the ground was slippery so did a lot of work on loose lead walking.

I have been awarded another rosette for my latest dog training class. This was an advanced puppy class where I learnt lots of new skills. Some of the things I am now able to do (most of the time) are…

  • Wait in a sit or down position until I am rewarded and told its ok to move
  • Settle calmly on a mat or in my crate
  • Play a find it game where treats are hidden and I use my nose to search
  • Door manners, waiting while people go through a door and going through when asked
  • Leave it, this is an important skill to learn. If I come across something I shouldn’t have I can leave it and have one of my own treats instead
  • I have also learnt to spin in a circle and to give a high 5.

I have done some great work with the students at school. The students have been looking at my range of dog toys and playing with me with them. They have compared the different toys and what is good or not so good about them. Following this the students designed a dog toy that would be suitable for me and labelled it to show what it is made of, the colour it is, the size it is, any special features such as a squeaker and how much it would cost to buy. I have also continued my therapy work by being a comfort to some of the students who have found some lessons difficult, for example accompanying students to assembly and the church service to support them. This has been really positive and the students have done really well joining in. I had a lovely Christmas holiday. I had presents from Father Christmas and enjoyed sleeping in front of the fire.

Happy New Year to you all.

10th November 2017

“I have had a fun filled few weeks. We had a fire practice in school and I was shown where everyone goes to wait if there is an alarm. Everyone was very calm and quick leaving the building and waited for the all clear to go back to class. The students have taught me about bonfire night and fireworks. I went to a bonfire and small firework display and was very brave watching the fireworks and especially enjoyed being warm and cosy near the fire. The students in school did a very good job teaching me about safety around bonfires and the firework code. At the bonfire party I met another school dog called “Squirrel” who is only a few weeks old and is in training to help students at a different school. It was fun to play with another clever puppy. During the half term holiday, I went to the vets. I had a little operation called a “Spey” this means I won’t have puppies but also means I have less risk of getting some illnesses when I am older. I was a bit quiet the first evening after the operation but was ok the next day. I wasn’t keen on wearing the cone that the vets gave me to help my tummy heal so I wore a baby grow instead as it was more comfortable. I enjoyed resting and playing during the half term break, so I was ready to join in again back at school. I have been learning about the remembrance service and how it is important to remember all the people who help keep us safe. I went along to an assembly where I met some very kind people from the poppy appeal. They told us about the hard work they do to raise money to help look after people who were injured in the armed forces and their families and the families of people who sadly died. I am proud to wear my own poppy on my collar and am going to a service with Heather on Sunday. The students have been doing some great work helping me and there will be a display of their work going up in school soon. This includes stories they have written about me, word searches, dogs made with origami, fact sheets, lists of things I like and dislike and the important things needed to care for a dog and some lovely photographs of me working with some of the students in school and out on walks. Some of the students in 3EL gave me a bath this week. They did a really good job of helping me to keep clean and we talked about how important it is to bath or shower regularly. I have heard that it’s going to be an exciting time of year soon. Something called Christmas is going to happen. It will be my first Christmas so I’m not sure what it means yet. I am looking forward to the students helping me find out all about Christmas in a few weeks’ time and going to some of the activities that are being planned”.

6th October 2017

My First Few Weeks at Regency

“I am continuing to enjoy being at Regency.  I went on a visit to the local pet shop with some students from 5BA. We walked to the shop and they told me all about road safety on our journey. We had to remember to walk carefully and look for traffic before crossing the road. I needed a new bed and my friends helped me choose the most suitable bed from a huge choice. Some beds were too small, some were too big and the one they choose for me is just right. I was also very lucky and had some new toys to play with. This helps me learn to chew my own toys rather than other things which might hurt me. I had some fun with 3RC. Heather helped explain all of the things which are important to remember when looking after a dog. Everyone was very good at putting their hands up to suggest things I might need, like water, food, a bed, walks, cuddles and lots of other things. It was quite funny watching everyone have a go at picking up pretend dog poo with a poo bag. It is important for people to clean up after their dogs so that the environment is clean and safe. We also practiced some recall commands. I was very good and walked over to the person calling me. We went outside and did some running and playing then everyone had a turn taking me for a little walk on my lead. I had to remember to walk next to the person holding the lead and not pull them. I am going camping for the first time with Heather and Oscar this weekend. I am looking forward to having lots of fun playing and running around with other dogs”.

Summer Holidays 2017

What Did Rosie Get Up to During the Summer Holidays?

“I have had a great summer with Heather. I moved in with Heather and her family on Saturday 22nd July and settled in well with Oscar who is a 2 year old bearded collie x poodle who lives with us.  We have been to lots of different places so I get used to different people, places, sounds and smells. I enjoyed going to town, the sea side, a maize maze, and the pet shop. I loved running on the beach and playing with Oscar and Heather’s friend Robyn’s 4 dogs. We also went on a countryside walk with Robyn and friends; it was great learning to swim in the steam and play. I went to the vets for a check over when I first moved in with Heather and the vet was really pleased with how well I have been looked after by Debra and her family. I am on track with my weight and have a lovely temperament. I have regular check-ups at the vets to make sure I am healthy and have any medications needed to prevent fleas and worms.  I have been to puppy school and completed my first puppy classes. I was given a lovely pink rosette for doing so well. I have learnt to sit, lie down, settle on a mat, come back to Heather when she calls my name and have a check over my body including looking at my teeth in case I need to visit the Vet for a check-up. I am starting the next level of puppy classes this week and am looking forward to learning more and improving the skills I have already been taught. I have been on a foundation agility training course and had a go running through a tunnel and learning about chase games and following instructions. I am too young to jump onto or over things yet but am looking forward to more agility training when I am older.  I have been to some fun dogs shows during the holidays, one in Cheltenham and a few in Worcester. I won cutest puppy and was very proud of my little blue rosette. Heather was looking after a young lady called Aliki and she came to the dog show with us, I enjoyed having cuddles with Aliki.  I met lots of people of all ages during the holidays. I especially had fun with Heather’s God son Thomas who is two years old. Thomas calls me “row row” and likes to give me gentle cuddles and show me how to play.  I visited school a few times to get to know where everything is kept and meet the team. I enjoyed all the attention and was a good girl settling in my bed while Heather did a few jobs.  I was a very good girl during the two teacher training days and Heather gave me extra treats because I was quiet in my bed while everyone was busy working and I made the staff team smile with my tricks.  I am enjoying life at Regency High School and have settled in well with my class group. Everyone is very welcoming and friendly. I enjoy all the attention I have been given and I know where my bed is if I need to go and have a rest.  I have helped with one dog lesson so far with a group of students. Heather was able to tell my new friends all about me and the important jobs that need to be done to look after me. My friends were very gentle and had a go at brushing my hair, using my lead to take me for a little walk, filled up my bowl with fresh water, watched me have my teeth cleaned and played with my toys. I am looking forward to visiting more classes soon. I also meet up with lots of friends on the playground at break time. Everyone is very calm and knows to ask Heather before they stroke me and that they need to wash their hands afterwards. I like having lots of friends to play with and everyone takes turns holding the lead to take me for a walk around the playground”.

Why is Rosie so Special at Regency?

Numerous research studies have shown the benefits of therapy dogs in schools:

  • Cognitive
    • Companionship stimulates memory, problem-solving and game-playing.
  • Social
    • Provides a positive mutual topic for discussion encourages responsibility, wellbeing and focussed interaction with others
  • Emotional
    • Improves self-esteem, acceptance from others and lifts mood, often provoking laughter and fun.  Dogs can teach compassion and respect for other living things, as well as relieving anxiety.
  • Physical
    • Interaction with a dog reduces blood pressure, provides tactile stimulation, assists with pain management, gives motivation to move, walk and stimulates the senses

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