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Mental Health

Many pupils at Regency High School experience social, emotional and mental health issues and such concerns are often in addition to other learning needs. Regency High School is committed to providing the highest level of care and support to all pupils whatever their situation or difficulties.

In school there is a range of support available which pupils access according to their individual requirements.

A clear timetable and bespoke teaching and learning provide a strong framework to help students feel secure at school, and to ensure they know that they can realise their highest potential here. As well as classroom teachers and teaching assistants, each pupil has a named personal tutor to encourage them towards their learning objectives.

For those who require more intensive support, there is a clear system of assessment, and referrals can be made to both internal and external services. The well-being team leader, deputy head teacher and lead therapist meet weekly to review concerns across the pupil population and to ensure that each pupil has the necessary support in place.

The school has a tiered system of support which includes

· Ongoing support from the well-being team as required in a school day

· Trained Thrive practitioners working either 1:1 or in groups

· Intensive work with the school therapist

The in house team links with other health and social care professionals as necessary.