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Music Therapy Works

Music Therapy is a state registered profession governed by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

Music Therapy Works (MTW) practises a specific model of therapy developed and refined over 25 years. It is an evidence-based and outcomes-led intervention delivered by specialist music therapists who practice within a clear and specific framework.  MTW therapists are trained to base their work on psychotherapeutic approaches. This allows them to deliver intensive interventions which reach beyond the already profound power of using music alone as a therapeutic tool. The MTW approach provides clarity, support and expertise in processing issues such as trauma, attachment, bereavement, developmental issues, life-limiting illness, and mental health concerns.

Music therapy can also address a number of sensory needs for children and adults with special needs as it provides concrete, multi-sensory stimulation (auditory, visual, and tactile). For example, the rhythmic component of music can assist in the cognitive organisation of sensory systems for those individuals diagnosed with autism. As a result, auditory processing and other sensory-motor, perceptual/ motor, gross and fine motor skills can be enhanced through music therapy. Music therapy sessions support the development of skills such as:

  • release and exploration of emotions
  • listening
  • non-verbal and verbal communication
  • use of both gross and fine motor movements
  • sequential memory and recall of information
  • self-management of behaviour
  • verbal discussion
  • active, improvised music making (using both instruments and voice

Regency High School is fortunate to have a Music Therapist working onsite across the week:

Holly Jenkins, HCPC registered Music Therapist. Holly provides 1:1 and group music therapy sessions with a focus on developing social skills, facilitating self-expression and considering sensory needs:


For more information please visit the Music Therapy Works Website

Registered in England no. 6663759. Registered Charity no. 1126584