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Impact of the Team and the Outcomes for the Child:

  • Continuity of support throughout school career and good links made between health and education services to allow holistic needs to be met
  • Safe inclusion and access to physical environment across all settings
  • Training provided to enable school staff to positively support and include the pupil
  • On-going assessment of need by the specialist teacher enables support to be reactive to the pupil’s ever changing condition
  • Specialist assessments allow pupil to record at a level consummate to their peer group
  • Moving and handling requirements routinely reassessed and support plans written
  • Families involved in all decisions

Support Services
The PD Outreach Service is a freely available service to support educational settings and children with physical disabilities. We offer on-site visits, assessments, equipment loans, staff training, short term classroom support and advice on a range of disability related issues across all Key Stages including Early Years.
Physical Access
Pupils with disabilities may have difficulties with access to school buildings, classrooms, changing rooms, swimming pools, specialist laboratories, sports facilities, drama studios etc. Co-ordinated advice can be given in liaison with the Local Authority. If appropriate ramps can be loaned on a short term basis.
Curriculum Access
All subjects are catered for, especially those that are practically based (e.g. PE, ICT, Art, Technology, Textiles). Pupil shadowing, classroom support, equipment loans, alternative and differentiated activities, staff training, exam access arrangements and GCSE PE assessment can all be supported.
Moving and Handling
On site assessments can be undertaken on specific issues with individual pupils and support staff. Bespoke training can be provided including the use of hoists and slings, transfers to and from wheelchairs and small child handling techniques. The process of completing Risk Assessments and Emergency Evacuation Plans can be supported.(Training will be given by Accredited Centaur Manual Handling Key Trainers)
Adapted Equipment
The PD Outreach Team has a wide range of adapted equipment and specialist seating that can be demonstrated and loaned to support individual pupils. Assessments, recommendations and general advice based on experience can also be given.
Augmentative and Assistive Communication (AAC)
The PD Outreach team have significant experience of Access and Communication issues, working alongside Speech and Language specialists can offer advice and support for pupils who have communication difficulties. We have a specialist assessment teacher who can advise on ICT and AAC.
A smooth transition of pupils between schools is essential and the PD Outreach team can play a key role in this process. We can support or shadow pupils on ‘taster days’ to identify problems and barriers at a very early stage. In liaison with other support services we can anticipate potential problems and suggest solutions. We liaise closely with Local Authority Accommodation services to ensure school buildings are accessible.
Personal Care and Continence
Staff have a broad range of experience and expertise in this area and can offer practical solutions to problems arising around the intimate care of pupils with disabilities.
We have well established links with transport services. We also have experience that can be drawn upon in using wheelchair accessible vehicles and systems of restraining wheelchairs.
ICT & Recording
Where pupils are having difficulties with recording their work we can provide demonstrations, loans, staff training and assessment with a range of adapted ICT equipment suitable for all ages.
Hydrotherapy & Swimming
The PD Outreach team offer weekly hydrotherapy sessions specifically tailored towards pupils with disabilities. The sessions focus on rehabilitation, exercise and swimming and are planned in close liaison with physiotherapy.