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Mission Statement


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PD Outreach Mission Statement

‘To develop and build the capacity of Worcestershire Schools and Early Years settings to fully include pupils with physical disabilities and deliver their entitlement in terms of curriculum access, physical access and personal care.’

Aims of the Service

  • To facilitate the inclusion education of pupils with physical disabilities within a mainstream setting.
  • To provide advice and support to Early Years settings, schools, pupils and parents, and the LA on all aspects of physical disability relating to physical and curriculum access.
  • To co-ordinate and support the integration and inclusion of pupils with physical disabilities in mainstream settings.
  • To work collaboratively with school staff to develop confidence and skills in working inclusively with pupils with disabilities.
  • To work collaboratively with a range of multi-agency professionals (including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, nursery nurses, nurses) to provide ‘joined-up’ support and guidance for pupils, parents and staff in mainstream settings.
  • To act as a resource base for adapted equipment. Specialist equipment available for long or short term loan into mainstream settings.
  • To develop and co-ordinate a range of In Service Training provision for staff working with pupils with disabilities.
  • To work in partnership with the Local Authority in their arrangements for implementing the DfE SEN Graduated Response and Education, Health and Care plans.



The PD Outreach team is delivered on behalf of Worcestershire Children First