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Our students created 100 Poppy Wreaths for Remembrance

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09/03/2020 Break & Quiet

02/03/2020 World Book Day

24/02/2020 Which & Yesterday

10/02/2020 Love & Valentines Day

03/02/2020 Because & Why

20/01/2020 Communication & Drama

13/01/2020 Art & Music

06/01/2020 New & Year

16/12/2019 Decorations & Reindeer

09/12/2019 Grotto & Santa

02/12/2019 Christmas & Merry

25/11/2019 PE & To listen

18/11/2019 Topic & What

11/11/2019 Goodbye & Remember

04/11/2019 Assembly & Hello

21/10/2019 Halloween & Trick or Treat

14/10/2019 Choose & ICT

07/10/2019 Dinner & Science

30/09/2019 Harvest & Share

23/09/2019 English & Who?

16/09/2019 Maths & Where

10/09/2019 Chocolate & Who

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