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Take a look at the Signalong Training Handbook for some useful signs


AFASIC Sign and Sing

There is an opportunity for us as a school to get involved with this great event; to help raise awareness of children who struggle to communicate and make a real difference for families affected in these very challenging times. The song is lovely and Signalong have published the signs to support it.

“Get your family / class / group of friends to join in with the Afasic ‘Sign and Sing’ on Thursday 4th June at 10am and come together as a community, bringing people together to share a moment at this very difficult time in all our lives”.

Families can learn some signing and they provide the music families want to play along with their favourite instrument, I then thought families could video a short clip and add to Twitter as a celebration.

AFASIC Sign and Sing


Matching Pairs Signalong Game


Mental Health Poster


Signalong 12 days of Christmas!

Signalong Posters

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Get Moving       Maths       Music        At Breakfast 2020


Signalong Activity for 13th July 2020

The Beach Activity

Signalong Activity Sheet

Signalong poster with signs associated with the current COVID19 situation


How to sign the nursery rhyme Hot Cross Buns (and make them)


Sing a Rainbow Signalong

Stand By Me Signalong

This is me sign along

Sign a Rainbow

Signalong signed to help you Get Moving


Cooking in The Kitchen Signalong Symbols

How To build a Language with Mr Potato Head

Mr Potatohead Game Accessories Page 1

Mr Potatohead Game Accessories Page 2

Mr Potatohead Game Accessories Page 3

Mr Potatohead Game Board

Mr Potatohead 30 Cell Communication Chart