Hydrotherapy Swimming Pool

We have our very own purpose built hydrotherapy pool on site. A hydrotherapy pool is a warm water swimming pool also used by our physiotherapists.

Sports Hall

Our recently built sports hall is used by students during PE lessons. It is used for a variety of sports to meet the needs of our students

Adventure Playground

We have a fantastic outdoor adventure playground on site.

Adventure Playground

We have a fantastic outdoor adventure playground on site.

Purpose Built Post-16 Flat

Our post 16 students benefit from our Post-16 Flat, which is fully equipped with a kitchen area, including a washing machine, kettle and a microwave. As well as a bathroom and a bedroom area. This is a fantastic resource allowing children to learn about independent living.


The multi-purpose school hall has been extensively equipped with PE equipment and a sophisticated audio and lighting system. It is used for drama, dance, assemblies and school productions as well as a dining hall at lunchtimes.

Fitness Gym

 Next to our sports hall we have a fitness gym fitted out with various gym equipment.

Sensory Room


Rebounding is a safe and fun low impact workout on a trampoline. We are lucky enough to have our own rebound room on site managed be Rebound trained staff.


Our library has a wide range of books and resources available to students.

Garden Areas

Within the school grounds we have a conservation and gardening area for students to maintain plus a greenhouse, which enables students to grow their own produce.

Physiotherapy Room

Art and Design

Provides a variety of opportunities for 3D work in pottery, woodwork, multi-media construction including plastics in addition to painting, printing and design activities

Food Technology

Built in 2017 our new food technology room is used to teach a range of independence activities and skills, focusing on basic cooking skills and the production of meals. There is an emphasis placed on healthy foods and healthy diet.

IT Suite

Music Therapy Room

We have regular Music Therapists delivering sessions to students. They have their own room equipped with various instruments and resources.

Ducks and Chickens

We now have two Ducks, Ferdinand and Flash. 5RT have also hatched some chicks, two of which will join our ducks when they’re older.

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