Regency High School is an active member of the Worcestershire Careers Hub and supports the development of Worcestershire’s Future Workforce through the Worcestershire
Enterprise Adviser Network

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Vision Statement

 We are committed to provide impartial, independent careers education, information, advice and guidance to all our students and their families. Our Careers curriculum supports students to explore the world of work, careers pathways whilst offering provider encounters, employer encounters, educational visits and work-related activities, developing students skills, whilst preparing them for life beyond school.

The Gatsby Benchmarks

As a school we are currently 100% compliant in a of the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks and we are working at 100%

The Careers Team at Regency High School:

 Miss Gemma Willetts ~ Head of Preparation for Adulthood and Careers.

  • Tom George ~ Lead Careers Advisor, Transitions and Examinations officer.
  • Emily McIver ~ HLTA, Offsite visit coordinator and work related placements.


If you require any further details about the careers provision at Regency High School or to find out how you can support it please contact the careers team by email: or phone: 01905 454 828


Hannah Strong ~ CEC- Worcestershire SEND, Skills and Investment Team, People Directorate, Worcestershire County Council


Suzanne Fitzmaurice- Enterprise Advisor SEND and Employer Link – SouthCo.


Careers Provision at Regency High School (Overview)

We are committed to raising the high standards in a stimulating, safe environment for our students; this forms part of our school vision and mission statement. We are committed to providing our students with the best education and opportunities to equip them to go on to live a fulfilled life as adults in the modern world.  The intent of our Careers programme is to provide each student with the information and opportunities they need to help them prepare for adulthood and reach their potential in life. Through our curriculum and opportunities to access careers related accreditations, work placements and links with external agencies we aim to ensure that all students have opportunities to explore a wide range of career options, employability skills and meaningful employment routes that are available to them and help each student to recognise high, achievable standards for their future. Such aspects are a fundamental component of the EHCP/ Annual Review process where ‘next steps’, career pathways & outcomes are identified as students begin to approach adulthood (from Year 9 onwards).

Our careers programme of work at Regency High School is adapted from the CDI (Careers Development Institution) framework and is mapped against the Gatsby Benchmarks.  We use the Compass evaluation tool and Compass + to audit progress towards these standards. In addition to this we have adhered to recommendations from the Department for Education’s SEND Code of Practice which includes setting goals and supporting needs in relation to Preparation for Adulthood: moving into paid employment and further education, independent living, having friends and relationships and being part of the community and being as healthy as possible.

Our careers programme at Regency is built around the following aims:

  • Developing yourself through careers, employability and enterprise education.
  • Learning about careers and the world of work.
  • Developing your career management and employability skills.