At Regency High School, staff use Signalong sign language to support students’ communication throughout the day, as per Worcestershire County Council policy. This signing system was designed for people with additional learning needs, it supports both expressive and receptive language and supports speech as it is a sign support system, it is not designed to replace speech.  Signalong is used throughout the day, as staff speak they sign the key words to aid students understanding of what is being said.

Regency do a signing session each week via zoom, sharing the ‘sign of the week’ and teaching staff and students’ signs through songs. We also share the ‘sign of the week’ on Twitter and our website so that people in the wider world can also learn the signs.  Staff are also offered a Foundation Phase 1 training course in Signalong and parents can also access training as well as people outside of the school community.

Signalong training opportunities

 An introduction workshop – 1 session, 2 hours with a registered Signalong Tutor

Participants will get a brief background to Signalong and communication and will be taught up to 20 signs

Costs – free to parents when the course is held at Regency.  Please email Amanda if you are interested in attending an introduction course at Regency or specifically for your organisation.


Foundation Phase 1 course – 12 sessions of 1 1/4 hours with a registered Signalong Tutor

Participants will get an interactive course working at the pace of the group, a background to signing and why we use Signalong in Worcestershire, how to use Signalong to support receptive and expressive language, what key words are, all the signs in Phase 1, the skills to be able to perform all 9000 signs in the Signalong library and the signs to help your learners and a basic understanding of communication.


Costs – free to parents when joining an existing Foundation course held at Regency, you will be loaned a manual for the length of the course.  If you want to purchase a certificate this can be done for a charge.  £120 per person for other people/groups joining an existing course, this includes a manual and certificate for the attendee.  Email Amanda if you are interested in attending an introduction course at Regency, or in a Foundation course specifically for your organisation.

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