We’ve made and shared our school calendar so you can subscribe to it, that means any changes we make to our calendar will then automatically updated for you!
Simply click the green button that best suits the device or calendar you use.

Please note as of April 2022 we’ve not completely finished setting all calendar events so some may be missing, therefore please check term date pages and the shcools twitter.

We also cannot guarantee full compatability with your chosen device(s)

Android devices and Google accounts require extra steps, you’ll need an additional calendar app from the play store that supports Internet Calendar Feeds (ICS) or by logging into your Google Account assigned to your device and following these instructions and clicking the copy link button

If you’re using iOS simply click or tap the iOS button and follow the on screen instructions

If you’re using the Outlook app and you have an email address with @hotmail @live @outlook use the Outlook button

If you’re using Office 365 use that button