Communication Resources
Teaching children to listen – is a collection of activities designed to develop skills needed to be a good listener: looking at the person who is talking, sitting still, staying quiet and listening to all the words.

Talkabout – Talkabout is programme that can be run over the school year and focuses on developing ‘self awareness and self esteem’, ‘social skills’ and ‘friendship skills’. There are three books. The programme starts with Book 1, an assessment is completed and the programme runs for approx a year. At the end of the year the assessment is repeated. If the students skills have developed enough they will move on to Book 2, if not the next year they will repeat book 1. The programme has a set structure and planned activities. It is designed to be run as a small class or group.

Word Aware – Provides strategies to develop students vocabulary using a range of activities to help them hear the word, pronounce the word, understand what the word means and when they would use it, have a visual understanding of the word, identifying how many syllables it has, know what it begins with, rhymes with, etc.
Language for Thinking – This is a book consisting of fifty pictures that adults can ask question about using prompt sheets that work through levels of questions helping them think about what is happening, give reasons for their thoughts and encourage thinking skills. These questions can then be used to talk about pictures in books, photographs, pictures in magazines so they widen the context of their answers.

Narrative – Narrative is a spoken or written account of events that can make a story. In order to tell a story you need to be able to know ‘who’, ‘where’, ‘when’ and ‘what happened’. At Regency we use Blacksheep Press Narrative programme to explore these components so that students learn to retell stories and then move retelling events they have experienced and coming up with their own ideas for stories.

Colourful semantics – Narrative can be supported further by the use of colourful semantics, a targeted approach to support students with their sentence building and to teach them about sentence structure. This method can be used to build sentences to communicate and then to aid writing sentences.
Speech sound work – students who struggle to say speech sounds correctly may benefit from working on speech sound activities. The Speech and Language Therapist will identify the sounds the student mispronounces and provide activities that aim to develop the speech sound correctly.

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