House Points

Regency High School operates a House System which has been in place for a number of years. It was set up to encourage and promote achievement through recognising and rewarding our students’ endeavours. The house system also provides a sense of community, belonging and identity for our students. Each student is placed into a house which they will belong to for their entire time at Regency.

The Houses are Red, Green, Yellow and Blue, inspired by the colours from the school badge (as suggested by students during the development process). The House Point system runs across the school and is used to recognise students’ successes and achievements, good attendance, taking part in extra-curricular activities, Sports Days and other competitions across school. Students will earn Merits or House Points, certificates and other rewards for their achievements. This information is stored by staff in our interactive system called Class Charts, which enables our students to monitor and follow the successes they are having in school.

The House points that students earn for their houses add up throughout the year into a wider inter-house competition, where the Houses compete for the House Cup and a rewards trip at the end of the school year. In past years, the winning Houses have attended trips to the West Midlands Safari Park.

So far this year, students have had the opportunity to take part in the Bike it Big cycling challenge and inter-house Dodgeball, with many more competitions and learning opportunities coming up throughout the year.

Mr Wallace, House System Leader

Red House

Green House

Blue House

Yellow House

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