Student Council

Regency High School Student Council.

Why do we have a Student Council?

Students have the right to express their opinion and have their voice heard. Regency High School want our students to learn and to be active and democratic citizens following and embedding our British Values. The Student Council provides learners with a voice that is proactive in promoting positive change within the school. The council is an important and real vehicle for change and improvement around the school and promotes student leadership. This all contributes to the positive ethos and values within the school that allow students to have a voice, be able to achieve and to develop. The Student Council gives class representatives a huge sense of responsibility and pride in their school.

Who is on the Council?

At the beginning of the academic year, students are asked to nominate who they would like to be their class representative on the student council. Candidates then create a manifesto to present to their class, and each class then vote for their class representative using a ballot sheet. Students are made aware of who their class representative is and what to do if they have any suggestions or ideas to be brought forward to the Student Council. These views are taken to the council meeting by the representative to be discussed. Feedback is given to their class at the end of each meeting by their representative.

When the Council Meets

The Student Council meets for one lesson every month and have an agenda for each meeting. Often there are action points to discuss from previous meetings and to introduce new initiatives. Student representatives have their class suggestions on the minutes, with the aim for change and improvement to be implemented for the school community.

What happens next?

Student class representatives leave the meeting with a list of action points to share with their class and a deadline to complete these.

This year the Student Council will:

  • Work with the kitchen and business manager to create a school menu which represents different cultures and nationalities.
  • Create artwork in each class to decorate the kitchen hatch for the daily themed meals. We will work with the school Business Manager and school caretaker on this project.
  • Be involved in promoting equal rights for all students in our school and support the school work on the Unicef
  • Respecting Rights in School Bronze Award.
  • Be involved in the selection process for new staff, meeting and having opportunity to find out what the applicants will bring to our school community.
  • Be involved in the creation of a school radio station with weekly broadcasts.

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