Views of Parents and Others
“Just wanted to say thankyou to everyone that gave up their evening on Friday to give the students such a lovely prom.

To see so many staff supporting the students which enabled them to feel safe and at ease in what can be a difficult environment was heart-warming to see. A lovely evening was had by the students and all staff enabled that by being supportive and giving up their Friday night.”

Lucy and Adam

“I wanted to send you an email of thanks to you, for looking after my daughter so well at school. She has decided she would like to make a change and try something new at College. >it took a lot of thought and consideration but it has been her choice to move. It will be very emotional and a bit scary for her leaving a family of friendly teachers, staff and classmates.
She has enjoyed all her years at Regency and has felt safe, loved and cared for and has always enjoyed coming to school every day. We have and always will speak highly of the school and it’s always a very happy place thanks to you and your team.
Thank you so much for your support”
An Email to Mr Eglesfield from Jamie & Linda

“My Daughter is thriving at Regency in all areas of development and in her learning. I remember a small girl sitting surrounded by about 20 books saying sadly “I wish I could read”, and see now a confident young lady who tells me she reads aloud to her class and wants to visit English Heritage buildings so she can run round and read the information boards. Thank you to everyone at Regency for my daughter’s happiness, well-being and giving her the love of reading to go with her love of books, that many take for granted.”

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